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BLACK & WHITE Swinger Closing Party 20 Aprilie

Swinger Red Passion Party 6 Aprilie

Swinger Secret Party 23 Martie

Women's Night 9 Martie

HERE YOU HAVE OUR HOUSE RULES Dress code: Cocktail attire (no sneakers, shorts, sportswear, slippers, etc) We encourage you to bring your own toys. The use of cellphones inside the location is strictly forbidden. If you wish to use your phone, you can step outside at any time. We can’t possibly know if you’re checking who loved your photo on Fetlife or you’re trying to take photos of other guests. This is a safety measure to prevent any type of problem. You can not enter the party without being on the guest list. You cannot bring uninvited people on the location. The Big O event is based on the principle of informed consent (yes means yes, everything else means no). We ask for permission before we touch other people and objects. Don’t kiss and hug people (even if that’s what you are accustomed to) because they might not like being touched if by chance they are partially naked together with their dominant partner or they simply don’t like being touched. Do not interrupt a scene. We ask of you to speak on a lower tone near the play space; you might ruin the moment. Don’t get too close to the play space (it’s possible that you enter the range of a whip/crop/paddle/etc.) Don’t interfere with a scene if you weren’t explicitly asked to. Clean after yourself. Before and after play time. Sanitize the objects after you used them. There will be sanitizer at the guest’s disposal. If you encounter any sort of problem, please ask Ms_Swan or Mr_Swan for assistance. Please inform us immediately if you encounter a problem so we can try and help you. Don’t leave it for when it’s too late. The safety word for all guests is red!



VALENTINE Swinger Party 16 Februarie

after valentine

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